Granite Data Services » GraniteDS 3.0.0.M2 is out

GraniteDS 3.0.0.M2 is out

Granite Data Services 3.0.0.M2 is out and available for download .

Maven artifacts are also available through Maven central repositories .

This release is the second milestone for GraniteDS 3.0 and mostly contains bug fixes and improvements (see the complete changelog on JIRA ).

This release introduces the new experimental JMF protocol that will replace the AMF protocol when serializing objects between Java servers and Java clients. More details on this in a later post.

It also includes many improvements and bug fixes on the JavaFX client libraries, like integration with CDI/Weld on the client and a view scope for Spring and CDI. The JavaFX tutorial will soon be updated to demonstrate these features. Thanks a lot to Daniele Renda who was extremely helpful improving/testing/using these JavaFX libraries on a real-world application.

Thanks also to Erguder Bekrek, Thomas Ott and clemieux for their patches and help on the Flex libraries.

The tutorials and Maven archetypes will be upgraded to 3.0 M2 soon.

Important note:

GraniteDS 3.0.0.M1 has introduced support for a websocket transport in both Flex and Java clients. As this is still an experimental feature not yet released in a stable release and not really used by a lot of people, we are strongly considering moving this feature to the enterprise version of GraniteDS and complete the development of this feature only in the enterprise version. Thus all websocket related source files will likely be removed from github very soon.

Upgrading from 2.x to 3.0.x :

  • You must now use the 3.0 xsd for Seam and Spring XML configurations :
  • The flex-filter element must be replaced by server-filter
  • When using Servlet 3 annotation configuration, @FlexFilter must be replaced by @ServerFilter

You can find the reference documentation here :

  • Flex:
  • Java/JavaFX:

The Eclipse tooling of GDS 3.0 (Gas3 builder and wizard) can be updated from our Eclipse .

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  1. Edgar Rivera on June 20, 2013 at 2:32 pm Reply

    Are the archetypes update to 3.0 M2 ???


  2. on September 26, 2013 at 12:50 am Reply

    Is there a date for the final release for graniteds 3?

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