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GraniteDS 3.0.2.GA is out!

Following our 2/3 weeks release cycle, we have just released GraniteDS 3.0.2.GA. It fixes a few issues which have slipped into previous 3.0.x versions. See the release notes , we strongly recommend to upgrade if you are currently using any earlier 3.0.x version.

The distribution is available for download here, and artifacts are available on Maven Central .

We have also upgraded the tutorials and the to the latest version.

This version includes two improvements on Spring integration:

  • A more customizable Spring Security 3.x which allows classes implementing AuthenticationExtension to override some behaviour of the service (build the Authentication from credentials and select the right AuthenticationManager when many are available).
  • and the ability to implement transactional data push manually in Spring using the new TideDataPublishingTransactionTemplate class which can replace the Spring TransactionTemplate.

New feature for Eclipse Java / JavaFX users:

The Eclipse plugin can now be easily configured to generate ‘pure’ Java beans for Java/Android applications or JavaFX bindable beans from the JPA model on the fly, see the description of documentation of the plugin here.

The plugin can be installed from the Eclipse Marketplace (search ‘GraniteDS’) or from the GraniteDS Update Site (/public/update-site).

As always, any feedback appreciated.

Author: William

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