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GraniteDS Thrives as Flex Middleware in J2EE Environments

By admin May 25th, 2011 GraniteDS 2 Comments

Conversation-driven decisions have always been at the very core of how GraniteDS has been developed. Because of and with the help of our community GraniteDS has become one of the strongest and most powerful Flex / J2EE integration frameworks out there. So all of us have been looking forward to launching this year’s first user survey and we were simply blown away by the participation of our users. From several hundred selected users we invited to participate in the survey, a good 15% spend a good amount of time giving us very detailed feedback.

Thanks to all of our users who have participated and who have provided us with their invaluable feedback.

What types of applications have users used GraniteDS for

What types of applications have you been using GraniteDS for?

We can now release some first results from the survey, with many more results to come in the next few weeks. The numbers we share today show in which environments GraniteDS is used in particular. GraniteDS is a widely used solution for Enterprise Level Applications in virtually any Java server infrastructure.

Which JPA Engine are GraniteDS users using?

Which JPA Engine are you using?

While most users are, as we suspected, using Hibernate as their preferred JPA engine, more of our users are using the EJB3, Seam or POJO frameworks than we thought. This is a great finding, as we have always tried to provide maximum flexibility for users to stay in their preferred environments without the need to switch to other technologies.

Which J2EE Framework are GraniteDS users using?

Which J2EE Framework are you using?

Finally, as for the preferred application servers, there are no big surprises, most of our users prefer Tomcat or JBoss. Please note, multiple answers to the questions were possible, so the final numbers will add up to more than 100%.

Application Servers used by GraniteDS users

Which Application Server are you Using?

With the insights gained from our surveys and in depth user interviews, we will work on making GraniteDS even more reliable and even more powerful over the next months and years. Let us know your thoughts via email or comments!

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  1. June 5th, 2011

    Interesting the last result, because who develop “enterprise application�? prefers application servers like JBoss, Glassfish or WebLogic but see Tomcat as the winner on this survey turn it unbelievable.

    Great work GraniteDS team, congrats.

  2. admin
    June 6th, 2011

    Interesting indeed – we noticed quite some applications, even on enterprise level, get by using Tomcat without the full power of JBoss.

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