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Granite Data Service Expands Operations In USA and Canada with New East-Coast Subsidiary

By admin June 13th, 2011 news Comments Off

Rich Internet Application Software Leader Expands Operations into US and Canada

Paris and New York, June 13 2011

Granite Data Services, a global leader in open-source middleware for Rich Internet Applications (RIA), today announced the establishment of Granite Data Services Inc., a wholly owned US subsidiary based in New York City, New York. Granite Data Services also announced that it is providing immediate support and consulting for the GraniteDS software in North America.

Granite Data Service’s North America operations provides comprehensive local sales, support and services for enterprises and independent software vendors wishing to leverage the GraniteDS middleware solution for integrations of Java EE environments with Adobe Flex frontend environments. GraniteDS allows companies to maximize re-utilization of existing code and infrastructure and minimize total cost of ownership by maintaining and leveraging existing server side infrastructure.

GraniteDS facilitates integration Adobe Flex frontends of existing Java EE applications by reducing the need for developer re-trainings, maximizing knowledge synergies and optimizing flexibility in server technology thus minimizing development time and reducing risk. GraniteDS and its components are being used in thousands of applications of any size and complexity worldwide and some of the world’s largest companies like Boeing, Cisco, SAS, Johnson&Johnson, Renault and many others rely on GraniteDS and its components to serve as middleware for Java EE and Flex applications.

“North America is our fastest growing market in terms of Adoption and usage,�? said Franck Wolff, CEO of Granite Data Services. “With the addition of our subsidiary in New York, our existing and future North American customers have full support to take advantage of GraniteDS’s technologies to easily deploy, manage and scale their Java EE / Flex applications.“

Contact Information: Franck Wolff, CEO 1501 Broadway, 12th Floor New York, NY, 10036 USA +1 (347) 263-4192 [email protected]

About Granite Data Services Many companies and organizations are building enterprise-level applications in their existing Java environments and are increasingly using Adobe Flex Technology to build browser-based interfaces for these applications. GraniteDS is the only comprehensive integration platform specifically created to facilitate Flex development in existing JavaEE environments. GraniteDS users can build and deploy more scalable applications faster than with Adobe server solutions and optimize ROI because of significantly reduced need to develop new code, minimized cross-learning for developers, and increased reliability of the system through less custom patching and faster issue resolution.