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Tudo Bem? Join us at FlexMania 2011 on July 8

By admin July 5th, 2011 GraniteDS No Comments

Thumbs up everybody, for some Rock and Roll!!!

This coming Friday, we will rock and roll with our great friends in Brazil. The conference has attracted over 4,000 developers last year and the crowd this year is expected to be even larger. It will take place from, 2011 and Franck has been invited to give a speech.

Why are we so excited about speaking at the conference? For a couple of reasons, actually.

First, Brazil has one of the most active Flex communities globally and GraniteDS enjoys a large user base in Brazil. This is great and we are excited to learn more about the community and get in touch with everyone via this conference. We are excited and a little proud to be among such a prestigious group of elite flexers!

Second, the Flex Mania conference is unique in that it provides developers from even the remotest areas access to state of the art speeches and presentations, as the entire conference will be held online via Adobe Connect. We think that’s great, in particular because it helps to grow the community in regions where long travel to expensive conferences would present a significant obstacle for many to actually participate. Therefore, a shout out to the awesome who is organizing this years event!

And finally, we are of course excited to announce some cool updates about GraniteDS. Franck will be giving a general overview of the GraniteDS platform and will highlight some of the new features in the 2.2 release (bean validation and big numbers on the Flex side) and some of the current developments (native support for the Android/iOS platforms). Also, Franck will show some highlights about the scalability of asynchronous servlets used in GraniteDS for real-time messaging.

Watch the conference live at and join Franck for his session on Friday, July 8 at 10am ET!

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