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GraniteDS announces Launch of Enterprise Platform 2011

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Paris and New York, July 18 2011

Granite Data Services, a worldwide leader in open-source middleware for Rich Internet Applications (RIA), today announced the global launch of the Enterprise Platform 2011, an enriched, packaged and QA tested version of the open-source Adobe Flex and Java EE middleware technology GraniteDS, to support the growing user demand for dedicated enterprise level services and bundles.

The GraniteDS Enterprise Platform enables companies to leverage the full feature range of the open-source version of GraniteDS, along with a broad range of pre-packed enterprise-level services and full support for applications in development and production. This unique combination of features and services enables companies to leverage the full power of GraniteDS in mission-critical applications through a highly stable, reliable and scalable distribution package.

The GraniteDS Enterprise Platform is available for Flex development on any JBoss server environments (Granite Data Services is a Red Hat Advanced Partner) and on many other application server technologies that are supported with GraniteDS, such as Tomcat, Jetty, WebLogic, WebSphere and GlassFish.

“We are very excited to announce the GraniteDS Enterprise Platform today,�? said Franck Wolff, CEO of Granite Data Services and co-creator of the GraniteDS open-source technology. “We’ve created a secure, highly stable and reliable platform that provides an ideal environment for companies that are developing mission-critical Flex/Java EE applications. The creation of the Enterprise Platform has come as a response to numerous user requests and has been developed closely in line with requirements for enterprise-grade usage and deployment.�?

The global launch of the GraniteDS Enterprise Platform builds on the trusted position GraniteDS already has as the leading open-source, Java EE-centric middleware solution for Flex application development. The Enterprise Platform is available for download as of today. For further information, please see the subscription pricing page or contact Granite Data Services here

About Granite Data Services

Many companies and organizations are building enterprise-level applications in their existing Java environments and are increasingly using Adobe Flex Technology to build browser-based interfaces for these applications. GraniteDS is the only comprehensive integration platform specifically created to facilitate Flex development in existing Java EE environments. GraniteDS users can build and deploy more scalable applications and optimize ROI because of significantly reduced need to develop new code, minimized cross-learning for developers, and increased reliability of the system.

Contact Information: Franck Wolff, CEO 1501 Broadway, 12th Floor New York, NY, 10036 USA +1 (646) 535-5048

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