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Today’s Launch Of Our Enterprise Platform

By Franck July 18th, 2011 GraniteDS No Comments

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the GraniteDS Enterprise Platform.

The Enterprise Platform of GraniteDS has been developed in response to the feedback we received in our many conversations with our users over the past weeks and months. Our team in Europe and the US conducted surveys, in depth interviews and spoke with as many GraniteDS users in person as possible. As a result, the release of the Enterprise Platform is the first step of many to come to make GraniteDS even more powerful and reliable for Flex / Java EE applications of any kind.

We are releasing the Enterprise Platform today as our recommended setup for projects using GraniteDS in production environments. The Enterprise Platform gives you:

  • An extensively QA tested and stable version of GraniteDS
  • Long term maintenance (5 years) with security updates and bugfixes
  • Flexible and affordable premium support or consulting with guaranteed quick response times

With the Enterprise Platform you will also get early access to new features that we plan to release soon like RTMP, extended mobile platform support, or out of the box clustering and integration with monitoring tools. For bundles and prices, check out our pricing page.

As a result, the GraniteDS Enterprise Platform enables developers and companies to leverage the full feature range of the open-source version of GraniteDS, along with a broad range of pre-packed enterprise-level services and full support for applications in development and production. This unique combination of features and services enables companies to leverage the full power of GraniteDS also in mission-critical applications through a highly stable, reliable and scalable distribution package.

Let us know what you think about this new offering! Please share your thoughts and comments with us at any time in the comments or via our ,  or our website.

Purchase the Enterprise Platform Now!

Review the pricing and choose your bundle here.

If you want to download and test a feature-reduced version of the Enterprise Platform (no clustering, no SSL, no technologies preview), check out the Community Platform that comes with pre-packaged real-time messaging native libraries (APR) and sample applications. Get it here.

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