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The GraniteDS Enterprise Platform Shows Rapid Adoption in Enterprise RIA Projects for Flex / Java

By admin October 5th, 2011 news Comments Off

NEW YORK, Oct. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — GraniteDS, since its launch in 2007 as an open source Flex / Java middleware, has become known for its rich feature set, reliability and the resulting low cost of ownership in enterprise Rich Internet Application (RIA) projects. As a result of the launch of the GraniteDS Enterprise Platform in July 2011, an increasing number of organizations and end-users have adopted the GraniteDS’s Enterprise Platform to leverage its automatic code generation tools, robust client framework, real-time messaging modules, native integration with mobile platforms such as Android and iOS and built-in clustering and SSL.

Thousands of developers across the globe have adopted the open source project to realize hundreds of innovative enterprise RIA projects. Says Pierre Queinnec, CTO of one of France’s leading IT consulting companies Zenika: “We have successfully deployed GraniteDS for several years in some of our largest Flex / Java projects and we expect to see increasing adoption of the Enterprise Platform among our lead clients in the future.�?

In contrast to existing commercial Flex / Java middleware, organizations relying on GraniteDS are able to achieve significantly improved cost of ownership. The GraniteDS Enterprise Platform offers a large number of services that help accelerate and secure application deployment and maintenance, such as support, consulting, and a 5 year version maintenance with included updates. Through its strategic partnership with Red Hat, the GraniteDS Enterprise Platform is available in pre-configured bundles of the GraniteDS Enterprise Platform with Red Hat’s JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JEAP).

Granite Data Services S.A.S., with offices in Europe and the USA, offers full support, consulting and training for the GraniteDS Enterprise Platform throughout the entire application lifecycle. To receive more information about GraniteDS and the available subscription bundles, please visit or contact Sales: / +33 (0)1 83 64 73 23 (France) / +1 (646) 535-5048 (USA). To compare GraniteDS to existing middleware frameworks, see this comparison with BlazeDS.

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