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Announcing Granite Data Services 2.3.0 RC1!

By admin October 11th, 2011 Annoucements, GraniteDS No Comments
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Hi all,

Granite Data Services 2.3.0 Release Candidate 1 is out and available for download here: .

Many (59!) bugfixes, improvements and new features are coming with this new release and the full change log can be found on GraniteDS’ Jira: .

Among many other things, GraniteDS 2.3.0 brings:

  • Client-side lazy-loading.
  • Clustering improvements.
  • JMS integration fixes.
  • Hibernate 4 / JBoss 7 / Flex 4.5 support.

Maven artifacts are coming as well. In the next few days, we will be discussing many of the  new features and improvements in more detail. So stay tuned!

Get GraniteDS News and Tutorials in Portuguese!

By admin October 11th, 2011 Flex, GraniteDS 1 Comment
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For all of our Portuguese speaking users, the brilliant Fabiano Frizzo has been putting up a blog about GraniteDS in Brazil! Fabiano is a very talented programmer and avid user of the GraniteDS framework. By publishing news and updates in Portuguese, Fabiano hopes that more developers in Brazil and around the globe will be able to discover the benefits of the GraniteDS framework. Thanks Fabiano!

Fabiano’s blog is up and running at – go visit, bookmark and tweet about it now if you know Flex developers in Brazil.

How GraniteDS compares to BlazeDS

By admin September 13th, 2011 Flex, GraniteDS 3 Comments
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We get a lot of questions from developers and architects about some of the major differences between BlazeDS and GraniteDS. They are quite significant. You can compare some differences already in a quick comparison table on our website, but we’ve created a more detailed comparison in the presentation below. Please feel free to share this presentation!

The presentation highlights some of the main advantages of GraniteDS in the following areas:

  • Licensing and Support
  • JPA Integration
  • Remoting
  • Real-Time Messaging
  • Client Frameworks
  • Validation and Numeric Types
  • Mobile Platforms Support

What do you think, did we forget anything? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Flex Connector 1.1 for Nuxeo Released With GraniteDS

By admin August 31st, 2011 Flex, GraniteDS No Comments

Nuxeo is a global leader in Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM), that enables architects and developers to easily build, deploy, and run state of the art applications. The Nuxeo Enterprise Platform (Nuxeo EP) is a Java-based content infrastructure designed to be used as a development environment for content- and case-based applications. Nuxeo EP is an extensible and configurable set of ECM services and modular plug-ins that allows an organization to build out specific horizontal or vertical applications.

Nuxeo has just version 1.1. of its Flex connector that lets Flex applications interact with Nuxeo using AMF, the binary format used to serialize ActionScript objects. The Nuxeo Flex Connector relies on GraniteDS to enable to easily read, search, create, update documents stored in Nuxeo, manage workflows and tasks, use conversion services, manage users and send notifications, etc. The following image highlights the integration:

To learn how to use the connector, please refer to the Wiki – . The Flex connector comes with several samples that will help you get started quickly.

So what’s up next? Nuxeos first goal is to update GraniteDS and the Flex SDK. The current implementation will have to be updated to the lastest 2.2 version of GraniteDS and all sample applications will be built on Flex4.

We are happy to see GraniteDS in use and look forward to powering the Nuxeo Flex applications!

Tudo Bem? Join us at FlexMania 2011 on July 8

By admin July 5th, 2011 GraniteDS No Comments
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Thumbs up everybody, for some Rock and Roll!!!

This coming Friday, we will rock and roll with our great friends in Brazil. The conference has attracted over 4,000 developers last year and the crowd this year is expected to be even larger. It will take place from, 2011 and Franck has been invited to give a speech.

Why are we so excited about speaking at the conference? For a couple of reasons, actually.

First, Brazil has one of the most active Flex communities globally and GraniteDS enjoys a large user base in Brazil. This is great and we are excited to learn more about the community and get in touch with everyone via this conference. We are excited and a little proud to be among such a prestigious group of elite flexers!

Second, the Flex Mania conference is unique in that it provides developers from even the remotest areas access to state of the art speeches and presentations, as the entire conference will be held online via Adobe Connect. We think that’s great, in particular because it helps to grow the community in regions where long travel to expensive conferences would present a significant obstacle for many to actually participate. Therefore, a shout out to the awesome who is organizing this years event!

And finally, we are of course excited to announce some cool updates about GraniteDS. Franck will be giving a general overview of the GraniteDS platform and will highlight some of the new features in the 2.2 release (bean validation and big numbers on the Flex side) and some of the current developments (native support for the Android/iOS platforms). Also, Franck will show some highlights about the scalability of asynchronous servlets used in GraniteDS for real-time messaging.

Watch the conference live at and join Franck for his session on Friday, July 8 at 10am ET!

GraniteDS Thrives as Flex Middleware in J2EE Environments

By admin May 25th, 2011 GraniteDS 2 Comments
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Conversation-driven decisions have always been at the very core of how GraniteDS has been developed. Because of and with the help of our community GraniteDS has become one of the strongest and most powerful Flex / J2EE integration frameworks out there. So all of us have been looking forward to launching this year’s first user survey and we were simply blown away by the participation of our users. From several hundred selected users we invited to participate in the survey, a good 15% spend a good amount of time giving us very detailed feedback. (more…)

Meet us at Flash and the City 2011!

By admin May 12th, 2011 GraniteDS No Comments

The GraniteDS team will be present at the conference in New York City from June 9-12. We are looking forward to meeting you there! Please let us know if you would like to schedule a meeting with us or just stop by at our booth.

Please join us for a chat!

Franck Wolff presents GraniteDS at the New York Flex Meetup

By admin May 11th, 2011 GraniteDS 4 Comments

, the host of the New York Flex Meetup invited to speak to us about TLF and his open source library, and our own Franck Wolff, the creator of , to present at the event.

Watch the recorded video on ustream where Franck speaks about the history of GraniteDS and some of the latest, cutting edge features to expect very soon. (more…)