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What is GraniteDS? – A Services Overview.

Open-Source vs. Commercial Licenses

GraniteDS is fully open-source and its modules are released under the following licenses:

  • GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1 (): foundation libraries and tools, required in any GraniteDS projects. LGPL 2.1 is a widely used and permissive license, compatible with most commercial applications.
  • GNU General Public License, version 3.0 (): top-level libraries and tools, required if your application needs to leverage the most advanced features of our platform. Using GPL 3.0. libraries requires that you provide the entire source code of your application. This is usually incompatible with commercial applications.

If you are not building an open-source application, you will need a specific GraniteDS license so you can bypass the requirements of the GPL 3.0 and keep your code closed.

See our licenses section for more details.

Responsive Professional Support

GraniteDS is offering a dedicated and responsive support for your projects, from early development stage to production. Several packages are available, adapted to the stage of your team, organization or deployment policy.

  • Support is provided by the developers of the GraniteDS project, with the most accurate expertise.
  • You get access to a personal support desk, where your questions are answered with a short response time.
  • Support can help you from the beginning of your project, when you need to setup your development environment, to the maintenance in production, when you need a quick solution to issues not discovered at development stage.

See our support section for more details.

On-Demand Consulting

When you need a short and intensive assistance at critical stages of your project, from early architecture design to in-depth refactoring, a dedicated GraniteDS consultant can help you on a pay-per-day basis.

  • Consulting is available remotely or on-site, at your convenience and depending on the kind of assistance you need.
  • Consulting covers project setup, architecture design, training, best-practices, source code auditing, complex issues resolution and specific features implementation.

See our consulting section for more details.

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Check our Licenses Section

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Check our Support Section

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Check our Consulting Section