GraniteDS Enterprise Solutions

Take full advantage of GraniteDS tailored to your enterprise-class Flex / Java EE RIA applications and cut development time, minimize risk and boost performance!

Thousands of companies are using GraniteDS to deploy Flex applications faster and more reliable than ever before.

Cut Development Time

GraniteDS is the only complete solution specifically designed to build a Flex frontend for JavaEE applications. Leverage built in code replication to deploy within minutes!

Minimize Risk

GraniteDS lets you leverage your existing infrastructure without having to adopt new technologies. No more patching or steep learning curves – work in your preferred environment!

Boost Performance

GraniteDS comes with built-in integration with cutting-edge technologies for real-time components, lazy loading, and many other performance boosters!

GraniteDS is a superb technology to develop complex, data-intensive RIA applications rapidly – A21

Granite Data Services

Granite Data Services provides Enterprise level solutions for the GraniteDS integration framework for Flex / Java RIA applications along with support and training.

Who Uses GraniteDS

GraniteDS is used by thousands of companies of all sizes, from one-person development companies to Fortune 500 companies.

Compare GraniteDS

GraniteDS provides integrations with all major server side technologies and offers significant advantages when compared to other Flex / Java RIA frameworks. Compare it here!


GraniteDS is well documented and enjoys support from a vibrant community. You can access the documentation here. To get updates for new releases, please subscribe to our twitter feed