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GraniteDS Enterprise Platform - Bundles and Pricing

Community vs. Enterprise? Community Enterprise
License Version LGPL v2 LGPL v2
Free Standard Forum Support Yes Yes
QA Tested No Yes
Version Maintenance (5 yr) No Yes
Bugfixes & Updates For Version No Yes
Premium Support Available No Yes
Consulting Available No Yes
Training Available No Yes
Out Of The Box Clustering* No Yes
Out Of The Box HTTPS Configuration* No Yes

*only available for the pre-packaged version with JBoss 5.1

Product Subscription And Support FAQs

What is the GraniteDS Enterprise Version

The Enterprise Version of GraniteDS is a tested and signed version of the Community version with a little extra added spice and flavor. It is LGPL 2, has full version maintenance for 5 years (with all updates/bugfixes), and is the only version for which you can get support or consulting or training. If you run JBoss 5.1, there are several pre-configured integrations that will save you quite a bit of time, e.g. integrations with monitoring tools, etc.

Who Is Using GraniteDS?

GraniteDS is used by companies of all sizes. Some of the world’s largest companies from various industries run their Java / Flex applications by relying on GraniteDS. Check out some of their testimonials here.

Can I test the Enterprise Platform before I buy?

Take a look at the community package of GraniteDS, which resembles the Enterprise Version. We have put this package together for you so you can get an impression of what the GraniteDS Enterprise Platform looks like. To download the community version, please see the instructions on this page.

How Can I Get Consulting?

Consulting is possible for all subscribers to the GraniteDS Enterprise Version. You can get consulting for all issues regarding GraniteDS from us, but we won’t be developing your applications for you. Consulting is available on a per-day basis. If you need consulting, please contact us via our contact form above.

I Need More (…Speed, CPUs, etc.) – Is This Possible?

Granite Data Services can provide custom, project-specific services. Please write to us describing your needs and we will be happy to evaluate the options together with you.

Can I Use Granite For Free?

Yes, the community version of GraniteDS is available for free at

What’s covered in a ticket?

A ticket is a support request to resolve one specific issue. The GraniteDS team will work on helping you resolve the issue. Most support requests can be resolved by the GraniteDS team quickly. The maximum time allocated to one specific ticket is one hour of our team’s time. If the ticket issue cannot be resolved within this time frame, a second ticket will be opened.

How Can I Upgrade To A Larger Bundle?

If your application is growing, you may need to upgrade to a larger Enterprise Subscription Bundle to add more CPUs, developers or get larger support packages. It is easy to upgrade your GraniteDS Enterprise Platform subscription, please send us a note via this form.

Do Subscriptions Automatically Renew?

Yes, subscriptions do renew and we will invoice you annually for your subscription unless you cancel your subscription with us. You can cancel your subscription at any time, please send us a note via this form to do so.

Can I Downgrade From A Higher To A Lower Bundle?

The option to ‘downgrade’, i.e. switch back to a lower subscription level is currently not possible during a subscription period, only at the end of the yearly term of the subscription. To change the subscription to a lower level at the end of the term, please send us a note via this form.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Your subscription renews annually until you cancel it. You can cancel your subscription at any time, please send us a note via this form to do so.

Can I Get An Invoice for My Purchase?

Yes, we can certainly send you an invoice for your purchase. Please contact us via this form with contact data and possible other requirements for your invoice.

What Purchase Options Are There?

We currently accept payment via bank transfer, credit card, paypal or check. Depending on your region, some of these options may not be available. Please complete a purchase request by clicking on “buy now�? in the above plan options. Our team reviews all orders and will contact you with details regarding payment.

How Is The GraniteDS Enterprise Version Delivered?

Your personal version of the GraniteDS Enterprise Platform is available for you to download after we have received payment. Depending on your preferred payment method, the payment may take several days to arrive. Upon receipt, we immediately send you the download link to the email address you have provided us.