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The GraniteDS Enterprise Platform 2011

Take full advantage of GraniteDS with the optimized Enterprise Platform.

In contrast to the community version of GraniteDS, the GraniteDS Enterprise Platform comes pre-bundled, extensively tested, with a five year version maintenance and is fully supported. The Enterprise Platform is also the only option to get all security updates without having to upgrade to the latest version of GraniteDS.

We recommend using the Enterprise Platform in all production environments and in those development environments where support may be required. Our flexible subscription bundles make using the Enterprise Platform affordable for projects of any size.

The GraniteDS Enterprise Platform is available for either JBoss server environments for which it is offered in partnership with JBoss or for any other application server technology that is supported with GraniteDS, such as Tomcat, Jetty, WebLogic, WebSphere and GlassFish.

The GraniteDS Enterprise Platform for JBoss 5.1 comes with out of the box clustering with load balancing that facilitates the otherwise high manual configuration effort and extensive integration with the most widely used monitoring tools such as RHQ or Nagios.

Why use the Enterprise Platform?

If you are not sure if the GraniteDS Enterprise Platform is the right choice for you, you can contact us at any time and we will be happy to help you evaluate the options. you may also test GraniteDS through the Community Platform.

Purchase the Enterprise Platform Now!

Review the pricing and choose your bundle here.

If you want to download and test a feature-reduced version of the Enterprise Platform (no clustering, no SSL, no technologies preview), check out the Community Platform that comes with pre-packaged real-time messaging native libraries (APR) and sample applications. Get it here.