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Read the following tutorial in order to get started in few minutes with GraniteDS: Quick Start with GraniteDS.

Access articles and tutorials to learn more about GraniteDS:
  • InfoQ (Franck Wolff – July 26, 2011): “A New Enterprise Platform for Flex/Java EE Applications.�? ()
  • DZone (Dmitry Ionash – July 22, 2011): “GraniteDS: Gas3 template for complex enums.�?
  • Flex Mania 2011 (Franck Wolff – July 8, 2011): “Granite Data Services 2.2: an overview of the platform, its new features and the current roadmap.�?
  • DZone (William Draï – Jan 25, 2011): “Enterprise RIA with Spring 3, Flex 4 and GraniteDS.�?
  • Ross Henderson blog : “ListCollectionView/ArrayCollection tip with GraniteDS�?.
  • Ross Henderson blog : “GraniteDS – deserialize ActionScript object to a Java Map object�?.
  • Flexguse blog : “Data Management with GraniteDS�?.
  • In Relation To, Emmanuel Bernard (Redhat) blog : “Bean Validation for Flex developers�? (a post about the Bean Validation implementation in GraniteDS 2.2).
  • Les Cast Codeurs Podcast – Episode 27 (french): “Interview sur GraniteDS avec Franck Wolff et William Drai�? (an interview of Franck Wolff and William Draï about GraniteDS by Emmanuel Bernard).
  • RIAgora, Michaël Chaize (Adobe) blog : an interview of Franck Wolff and William Draï about the history and the future of GraniteDS.
  • Programmez (french): a press release about GraniteDS 2.1.0.
  • Florian Müller in JavaMagazin and (german): “Enterprise Flex mit GraniteDS�? part 1&2 (a tutorial covering Flex/Java integration with GraniteDS).
  • Angelo Ferraro Blog (March, 2010): “GraniteDS: Flex incontra Java�? (In Italian).
  • Eric Daugherty Blog (Jan 22, 2010): “Getting Started with GraniteDS, Spring, and Maven�?.
  • Eric Daugherty Blog (Jan 21, 2010): “Flex, Adobe, and alternatives to LCDS and Flash Builder�?.
  • O’Reilly (William Draï – Jan 19, 2010): “Getting Free with GraniteDS�?, with a step-by-step comparison between new features of LCDS 3 and GraniteDS 2.1.
  • JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Blog (Alexander Doroshko – November 30th, 2009): “GraniteDS Projects with IntelliJ IDEA 9″.
  • Flex Junk Blog (Andrew Westberg – Nov 16, 2009): “Integrating GraniteDS, ActiveMQ, and Tomcat�?.
  • Javalobby (William Draï – Nov 5, 2009): “Data-centric Flex Development with the Tide framework.�?
  • Javalobby (William Draï – Jul 6, 2009): “Introduction to the Tide framework for Flex 3″.
  • InfoQ (Craig Wickesser – Jun 27, 2009): “GraniteDS Continues to Evolve�?, about the GraniteDS 2.0 release.
  • Javalobby (Franck Wolff – Jan 9, 2009): “Migrating Java EE Web Applications to Adobe Flex and Granite Data Services.�?
  • InfoQ (Franck Wolff – Oct 20, 2008).
  • Mind the Flex (sven- and Martin – July 7th, 2008): “Securing your Flex application with Spring Security and Active Directory�? that uses GraniteDS/Spring integration.
  • Javalobby (William Draï – Jun 11, 2008): “Flex for J2EE Developers: The Case for Granite Data Services.�?
  • InfoQ (Franck Wolff – Feb 5, 2008).
  • A quick to GraniteDS/Seam integration on Seam Framework site.
  • Cameron Ingram’s , mostly on GraniteDS/Seam integration.
  • TheServerSide by Cameron Ingram.
  • “Java/Flex Excellent RIA Technologies Combination�? on about an ERP solution called Kinetik and based on GraniteDS.
  • “Getting Started Project – GraniteDS with Spring, Hibernate and Cairngorm, Part 1″ on .
  • “Getting Started Project – GraniteDS with Spring, Hibernate and Cairngorm, Part 2″ on .
  • “Getting Started Project – GraniteDS with Spring, Hibernate and Cairngorm, Part 3″ on .
  • “Flex with Seam using GraniteDS�?: A video tutorial about GDS/Tide/Seam on Piotr Walczyszyn’s .

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