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Granite Data Services 2.3.2 GA Released

By Franck May 24th, 2012 GraniteDS No Comments

Granite Data Services 2.3.2 GA is out and available for download . Maven artifacts are also available through Maven2 central repositories .

This new release comes with several bugfixes and improvements (see the complete changelog on Jira ). Here are some highlights of the most interesting new features in GraniteDS 2.3.2 GA:

  • Hibernate 4.1, JBoss 7 and Jetty 7 support.
  • The Eclipse builder, whenever you remove or rename a Java class which is in the scope of the generator, will rename (no deletion!) corresponding AS3 classes, appending the following suffix “<current_system_millis>.hid�? to them. You will then get useful Flex compilation errors if your project is referencing these deleted classes.
  • Bean validation is now working with DTOs and not only with JPA entities.

You can update Gas3 (together with the Wizard) through our Eclipse .

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