What is GraniteDS? | Granite Data Services


What is GraniteDS?

Granite Data Services(GraniteDS) is a comprehensive development and integration solution for building Flex / JavaEE RIA applications. The entire framework is open-source and released under the LGPL v2 license. It features:

client development framework (Tide) that brings familiar JavaEE concepts to the Flex side: dependency injection, context management, authentication and secured access, bean validation, etc.

comprehensive integration with major JavaEE application servers, frameworks and JPA engines: JBoss, GlassFish, WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat and Jetty; Hibernate, EclipseLink, OpenJPA and DataNucleus.

An efficient real-time module (Gravity), based on Comet implementations, allowing scalable data-push.

Code generation tools (Gas3)that help in replicating Java entity beans and services into their ActionScript3 equivalent. These tools are available as an Eclipse plug-in or an Ant task.

Simplified configuration and high performances for critical deployments: most of the configuration is automated by scanning deployment environments and standard libraries are optimized for scalability.