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Yes – GraniteDS is powerful! But don’t take our word for it, see what others say below:

We have found that GraniteDS is both lighter weight and scales better under load than BlazeDS” Brad Rust, Alpha Bay

GraniteDS is a superb technology to develop complex, data-intensive internet applications rapidly, and the Granite Data Services team is great. These guys have constantly provided very good support and have always been very responsive to our requests. It’s good to know that they are behind us when we are in front of our customers. Zdenek Havelka, Managing Director, A21

We’ve tried several solutions from e.g. Adobe, but finally we chose GraniteDS because the product does the best job at integrating Flex and Java today. Cédric Nicolas – Ville Fluide(original language)

After we tested the software and confirmed the quality of the documentation, we decided to make GraniteDS our Flex/Java development standard, and we haven’t regretted it. The platform is very easy to use and our developers are more efficient and more relaxed. They know that GraniteDS automatically optimizes many of the tedious coding tasks that they would have to themselves without it. JBenoît Moraillon – Région Bretagne(original language)

GraniteDS is our framework of choice for Java / Flex integration. With a Spring background, GraniteDS was very useful and easy to use and we were able to develop and deploy very quickly with very limited cross-learning. Especially Granite’s strength in asynchronous data management turned out to be a huge time saver for us. Pedro Sena, Project Manager and Tech Lead, Net Sar

GraniteDS just works really well with our existing technology, particularly using lazy loading. It’s just what we need: a fast and tight integration of a Flash 4.5 with an EJB 3.1 backend and solid documentation. When coming from a Java environment, the learning curve with GraniteDS is minimal compared to other solutions. John Brosan